Dallas PD Protects, Serves, and Keeps the Public Informed

August 22, 2016 12:02 pm PST | Public Safety

The Dallas Police Department is transforming its relationships with city residents, updating internal policies and practices, and seeing meaningful reductions in crime. Find out how in our latest case study.

“We believe first that the data we have belongs to citizens and we’re the caretakers of that data,” says Police Chief David Brown. The department was one of the first to join the White House’s Police Data Initiative, which launched in 2015. Prior to that partnership, Dallas Police Department shared nearly a decade’s worth of data on officer-involved shootings on their website, but the static PDFs were difficult to access and share.

So in partnership with Socrata, the Dallas Police Department launched a cloud-based open data site. Visit the police department homepage, and in a single click, you can view graphs of the city’s officer-involved shootings dating back to 2003, along with a map of where shootings occurred, and information on the outcome of the shooting and weapons used.

To find out how the Dallas Police Department has leveraged data sharing and what’s next for the department, read our new case study, Open Data Rebuilds Trust in the Dallas Police Department.

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