CrimeReports Plus Engages the Public

July 26, 2016 7:19 am PST | Data as a Service, Public Safety
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With CrimeReports, law enforcement agencies can readily share details about crimes with the community on an interactive map. CrimeReports is a valuable trust-building tool — it’s a space for the police to proactively share data, and also an arena for the public to provide support and tips. CrimeReports offers many vital features, including the ability to receive anonymous tips, filter crimes, display sex offender locations, and share information on social media.

The newly introduced CrimeReports Plus offers all these features, and also gives law enforcement agencies an unprecedented opportunity to not only make their crime and incident details available online, but truly engage their public with social media and other messaging to help citizens understand the full scope of law enforcement activities and engage with local law enforcement.

Agencies Can Readily Share Information

Both internal stakeholders and residents benefit from the powerful functionality within CrimeReports Plus. In the new experience, agencies can:

  • Share links to agency websites and social media;
  • Embed a Twitter feed to share recent updates with citizen;
  • Add an extended message with video or images;
  • Upload agency boundaries and filter data by region;
  • View, download, and create charts and graphs with the raw data powering a CrimeReports Plus site;
  • View Time of Day, Over Time, and Frequency trends for their data.

For a look at these powerful features in action, take a look at Harris County, Texas, Kansas City, Mo., and Kingman, Ariz. — these three agencies have already configured their CrimeReports Plus to integrate the new functionality.

For Citizens, Engagement Is Easy

CrimeReports Plus drives engagement and consumption by making it easy for citizens to encounter crime data. The embed feature allows a fully-functional version of the CrimeReports site to be embedded on any website that citizens are already actively visiting.

The more citizens see your data and interact with your Plus site, the more likely you are to see tips, camera registrations, or other intelligence generated from the public, and ultimately the safer and more effective your agency will be.

Next Steps:

  • For new customers: Start by launching the Branding Form and complete the simple questionnaire to configure your branding. Your content will appear on CrimeReports within 10 minutes.
  • To find out if your agency is a Plus subscriber: Search for yourself on the CrimeReports Preview. If your agency is represented by a gold pin, you’re a CrimeReports Plus subscriber.
  • To sign up: Reach out to us at

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