Create Powerful and Beautiful Charts with Socrata More Easily Than Ever

January 27, 2014 4:00 pm PST | Data as a Service
Socrata debuts new charts features

By Ben McInnis


The “Visualize Sidebar” is one of the most prominent components of the Socrata user experience. Keeping it simple and easy-to-use is essential for putting the power of data into the hands of citizens worldwide.

Today, we’re releasing several updates to the Visualize Sidebar to streamline the chart creation process. The enhancements to this process make it even easier for people at all levels of data expertise to create beautiful and powerful charts.

The new toolbar for selecting and using Socrata charts

Choosing a Chart

The interface for choosing a chart type now distinguishes charts with specific icons and will “grey-out” charts that cannot be created with the selected data.

Live Visualization Changes

The system will also update the visualization as you make changes. You will no longer need to click “Apply” to see the impact of the changes you’ve made.

Interactive Icons

Chart option icons, like stacked and flyout, now offer interactive information and visual cues that will help you understand how each option will alter the visualization you’re creating.

New interactive icons for Socrata Charts

Enhanced In-App Chart Guidance

The Visualize Sidebar now provides in-app guidance about chart types and options that are and aren’t available based on source data. 

Advanced in-app chart guidance for Socrata charts

Streamlined UX

Overall, the Visualize Sidebar has been streamlined to expose options in a more user-friendly way. For example, all color options have been consolidated into one interface and conditional formatting options are included under the “Filter” tab.

These updates will be rolled out today and will impact all current datasets. Existing visualizations will not be changed.

Thanks to all of the Socrata customers who provided feedback throughout the process of refining and testing the Visualize Sidebar.

Please email our amazing support team at or file a ticket at if you have any questions or concerns.

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