Civic Awesome: Open Data in the News for March 28, 2014

March 28, 2014 10:50 am PST | Effective Governing

The impact of open data continues to grow. From new legislation to helpful civic apps, we’re excited to see the community around open data getting stronger every day.

To help you keep up with all of the good news, we’ll collect the top open data stories from around the Web on this blog each week. Make sure to watch this space for updates and share what you find with the people in your network.

Los Angeles Shines Light on City Finances with Open Data

To demonstrate “ControlPanelLA,” the city’s open data portal, Council President Herb Wesson and Controller Ron Galperin held a community meeting this week. ControlPanelLA gives citizens and stakeholders a clear view on how the City is spending its money.

The Open Data Institute (ODI) Unveils Second Data as Culture Installation

The Open Data Institute unveils its second “Data as Culture” exhibit on Monday in London. We will be featuring the ODI in the next issue of Open Innovation magazine, due out in early May. This exhibit showcases art built from and around open data sources. See the gallery here

Open Data Drives Partnerships with Government

Joel Gurin’s new book, Open Data Now, explores the opportunity for business success in the era of massive data. In this review, Andy Oram discusses the main themes of Gurin’s book and explores the value and expense of open data.

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