Civic Awesome: Open Data News for June 13th, 2014

June 13, 2014 8:54 am PST | Data as a Service

The impact of open data continues to grow. From new legislation to helpful civic apps, we’re excited to see the community around open data getting stronger every day.

To help you keep up with all of the good news, we’ll collect the top open data stories from around the Web on this blog each week. Make sure to watch this space for updates and share what you find with the people in your network.

A Brief History of Open Data

This was one of the best things we read all week. Everyone in the open data space knows why this movement is important, but do we all know where it began? Click the link above to find out more about open data’s origin story.

U.S. Open Data Institute Takes Governments and Open Data Software to Task 

Waldo Jaquith takes governments to task about open data software requirements, saying, “The vast majority of government agencies rely on software packages that lack the necessary features to share data; there’s no ‘Export as XML’ option in the menu. However much that agency might want to publish open data, they cannot do it if their records management software doesn’t make that possible.”

Top Barriers to More Open Government

It’s no surprise that old IT culprits are the top barriers to open government. Read more to find out the results of this survey.

NYC Crash Stats

This is super cool. A talented civic hacker in the New York City Code for America Brigade built this directly on top of the SODA API with NYC’s recently released collisions dataset.


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