Big Events at the 2015 Socrata Customer Summit

August 28, 2015 12:00 pm PST | Data as a Service
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Reinvigorate yourself and remap your open data strategy this fall, at the Socrata Customer Summit. New faces, fresh ideas, and fantastic speakers will converge October 26-27 in Washington, D.C., to explore the transformative power of data.

This year’s Customer Summit brings speakers from all over — from midsized towns to big cities, from county governments to congressional committees, from the World Bank to the Sunlight Foundation. Each offers their own approach to turning data into a utility, and an opportunity to engage with thought leaders on the future of digital government.

Read on about a few of the top summit events.

Crime, Cops, and Community: Public Safety Panel

With continued news reports concerning police use of force, the momentum of the White House Police Data Initiative, and nearly every citizen ready to record police encounters with cell phones, public safety is a hot topic at kitchen tables, boardrooms, and in the media.

How can we use open data to improve public safety? Where does data science fit into efforts around accountability, public trust, and community safety? Our panel of experts will dig into these topics.

Join Emily Shaw, Deputy Policy Director Sunlight Foundation, Greg Russell, Seattle PD CIO, and Denice Ross, White House Presidential Innovation Fellow and co-leader of the President’s Police Data Initiative to talk about ways to help your community join the new public safety landscape.

Jon Schwabish: Visualizations Unlock Data Currency

We all know data is valuable. But how can organizations and agencies tap into its powerful currency? Turning rows of data into meaningful visualizations — something more illuminating than pie charts, more palpable than a bar graph, is the key to unlocking data’s value — and sharing that value with decision makers, budget directors, and the public.

Dynamic presentations and meaningful, culture-changing presentations of data are at the heart of Jon Schwabish’s work. Visualizations reveal the business value — including agency efficiencies — open data can provide. At the Customer Summit, returning hit speaker and visualization guru Schwabish will shares his insights and tips on making data digestible. He’ll help you show how data fits into your organization’s overall structure and mission, and how to organize and manage increasing volumes of data.

Keynote: Stories from Urban Data Science

Ben Wellington, author of the trailblazing I Quant NY blog, has a long list of shrewd, engaging, civic-spirited accomplishments in open data, from digging into parking ticket data to analyzing the safest Citi Bike stations in NYC. He’s a champion of improving the daily lives of his fellow New Yorkers, through the stories found in public datasets.

In his keynote address, Wellington will share stories of real change that arose from greater transparency in NYC. He’ll show you how to sift through data and target your work for small changes that have big impact, and share some his best practices for exploring and utilizing urban datasets to change public life for the better.

As more and more cities set up open data portals and populate them with increasing numbers and sizes of datasets, Wellington’s help in analyzing immense volumes of information is a don’t-miss Customer Summit event.

Join Wellington, Schwabish, and more data pioneers and enthusiasts from the public and private sectors at this year’s Socrata Customer Summit.


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