There’s Still Time to Get Your Application in for the LIVES Access Program

July 30, 2015 1:47 pm PST | Data as a Service

We heard you! Governments needed just a little more time to get their applications in for the LIVES Access Program. So, we’re extending the deadline to Friday, August 7th

Government Technology Magazine recently covered the LIVES Access Program (LAP) and how it’s helping governments launch their restaurant inspection data — in their own score format — in the LIVES open data standard. LIVES provides governments the opportunity to share their data with confidence, and allows users like researchers, other governments, and restaurant information tools like Yelp to leverage that data easily and accurately. 

In our research we found that governments launching LIVES independently either spent over 60 staff hours or over $15,000 on contractors to get the work done. The LIVES Access Program is free and reduces staff time needed to launch LIVES data. So far, there are no plans to offer this kind of program again. LAP launches in earnest on August 10th, and provides training, free customer success support, a network of impressive governments in the cohort, and your own LIVES API on the Open Data Network. 

How can you apply? Fill out this short application here or schedule a time to talk with Sarah, Socrata’s Public Health Data Advisor, before the August 7th deadline. 

Clock’s ticking! Get your application in, or get in touch with Sarah, ASAP!

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