9 Top States for Data Innovation

August 18, 2017 9:00 am PST | Data as a Service

Socrata wants to congratulate all nine of our customers that made the top 10 in The Center for Data Innovation’s ranking of “The Best States for Data Innovation.” A special congrats to number one overall, Massachusetts!

The Center for Data Innovation (CDI) studies the intersection of data, technology, and public policy. It organized all fifty states into rankings based on 25 key indicators related to data, technology, and human resources. CDI considered everything from science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) degrees awarded to “ensuring data is available for use.”


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Here are the top 10 overall:

  1. Massachusetts
  2. Washington
  3. Maryland
  4. California
  5. Delaware
  6. Utah
  7. Virginia
  8. Oregon
  9. Colorado
  10. New York


Highlights from the Study


Massachusetts – Stood out overall because it has public policies that mandate data sharing and for its high number of jobs related to data science.

Colorado – Placed first for “ensuring data is available for use” because of its exceptional work to make financial data available, in particular.

Washington – Earned its first place ranking for “legislative data” because it makes all legislative data available in a machine-readable format, such as in comma-separated values (CSV) files or via application programming interface (API).

Maryland – Ranked first for “enabling key technology platforms” including broadband access, sensor data collection, and open data portals.

Hawaii, Maryland, New York, Utah – All four Socrata customers tied for first place for “open-data portals,” with special recognition to Hawaii and New York for adopting open data policies earlier than most other states.



Recommendations for Moving Up the Rankings

CDI ends the study with a useful list of recommendations for states looking to rank higher next time. Here are some standouts.

  • Publish legislative data in open and machine-readable formats.
  • Publish checkbook-level government financial data online in open and machine-readable formats.
  • Develop an open-data portal and statewide open-data policy.
  • Create a statewide e-government strategy, which includes consideration of emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things, and work with municipal governments to drive e-government adoption.


Improve Your Data Innovation Rankings

Want to move up in the CDI’s list of top states for data innovation? Contact Socrata. From open data adoption to encouraging business growth with open data, we can help you create a successful data program in your state.

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