7 Sneak Peeks: Lightning Talks at the Socrata Customer Summit

October 1, 2015 12:00 pm PST | Data as a Service
capitol building

Fast, informative, and bite-sized, these presentations give you access to the leaders and cutting-edge practices in open government, performance management, and more. Each lightning talk offers you 10 minutes of an expert’s insights on a different aspect of open data, many followed by Q&A.

With over 20 lightning talks spread over two days, you can catch plenty of them before or after regular sessions. Since many of the lightning talks are back-to-back, you can also surf lightning talks, coffee in hand, to hear many perspectives on an array of unique open data projects, from apps at NASA to jobs creation.

Here’s a look at just some of the lightning talks coming your way. To learn about them all, go to the agenda and filter by Track/Lightning Talks.

Eureka! Hackathons and Breakthroughs 

See how you can leverage hackathons, far beyond feel-good publicity events. George Sivulka, the founder of NASA’s Space Apps Next Gen, shares how open data and hackathons are inspiring the next generation of programmers to tackle the world’s scientific challenges.

Why the Feds Love Open Data 

At the U.S. Department of Commerce, data isn’t about compliance chores — it’s about multifaceted opportunity. Newly appointed Deputy Chief Data Officer Dr. Tyrone Grandison explains how and why the department sees data as an asset, and leverages it daily.

It’s About the Money, Honey 

Create jobs, serve the public, plus get your open data program funded: Ross Goldenberg, co-founder of SiteCompli, gives practical advice and real-life success stories on how government can take advantage of the private sector – for the public good.

Data: The Beauty Within

Visions of humanity sit inside government datasets, waiting to be unveiled. Eric Roche, CDO of Kansas City, Missouri, shows how ten artists turned the city’s data on life expectancy, homicide rates, and more into provocative moments of citizen engagement.

What Kenya Can Teach You 

Tap into the unique open data laboratory that is Kenya: Linet Kwamboka, the nation’s Open Data Coordinator, uncovers the ingredients for making open data truly useful and transformative, for people and government in any jurisdiction.

When Open Data Is a Bad Idea 

What?! Did Christo Norman really say that? Find out how – and why –  the Australian Capital Territory CIO is reframing the open data conversation to shift internal culture, and to improve data access, transparency, service delivery, and more Down Under.

Fast, But Not Furious

Feeling crushed by legacy systems, limited budget, and constrained staff time? Sanford Hess, IT director for the City of Urbana, Illinois, explains how the city launched both the Open Data Portal and Open Expenditures with just 135 hours of effort.

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