5 New Languages for World Bank Group Finances Data

November 4, 2013 3:52 pm PST | Data Apps & Visualization, Data as a Service

By Bridget Quigg


Données ouvertes. Datos abiertos. Depending on what language you speak, you can now enjoy access to the World Bank Group Finances’ open data portal in your native tongue. 

The World Bank Group Finances team just announced that detailed information about its work with more than 200 countries will now be available in five new languages. 

“Open and transparent financial reporting is an essential component of good governance and we at the Bank Group want to meet, if not exceed, best practice in this area,” says Bertrand Badré, Managing Director and World Bank Group Chief Financial Officer.

The World Bank’s open finances site was originally only available in English. It can now be read in Spanish, French, Russian, Hindi, and Chinese. Socrata’s team played a key role “localizing” the website. Our engineers helped to make sure the each page held the proper information in a way that made sense. They worked closely with the World Bank.

“When working on localization of a website, you need to have the right text but, more importantly, you need the right context so that the experience makes sense to the user. It’s important to move people through the information in a way that’s comfortable for them,” says Socrata Director of Platform Chris Metcalf.

The World Bank hopes that the new sites will support its goals of transparency and innovation by offering more people access to data.

Lead Program Officer for World Bank Group Finances, Prasanna Lal Das, summed up their perspective by saying, “We want to talk to people in their language. Often the social, political, and economic value of open data remains locked away not because the data doesn’t exist, but because it doesn’t reach the right people.” 

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