3 Ways to Keep Up with Socrata Connect from Afar

May 16, 2018 6:15 am PST | Data as a Service

Tomorrow’s the big day: Socrata Connect kicks off in Austin, Texas!

We’re looking forward to meeting and reconnecting with government leaders from around the country. The overarching theme for this year’s event is how governments can do more with data — that’s an important topic, and one that likely feels relevant to anyone involved in city, state, county, federal, or agency-level work. And, we don’t want to restrict this knowledge to attendees who were willing to brave Austin’s steamy forecast. We’ve got three easy ways for you to follow along with the keynotes and best practices shared at the conference from the comforts of your office.


Watch the Livestream

We’ll be streaming all the presentations happening on the main stage. That includes:

  • Socrata Founder Kevin Merritt, President at Tyler Technologies, Data & Insights Division, sharing his vision for the upcoming year
  • The city of Austin’s executive team discussing data-driven projects
  • Ben Wellington on the wonders of data tourism
  • The Utah Department of Transportation’s data innovation journey
  • A look at how to approach the opioid crisis with data, with speakers from HHS and Connecticut’s CDO

And, that’s just a sampling of the many, many informative keynotes on the schedule.

Register for the livestream now.


Follow #SocrataConnect

We’ll be tweeting throughout the event. Follow us @Socrata, and keep an eye on the conference’s hashtag, #SocrataConnect, to hear from presenters and attendees, sharing photos, stand-out lines, and strategic insights.


Check Back Here for Daily Posts

Each evening, we’ll post a wrap-up of the day’s events on Socrata’s blog. This is your best spot to check if you don’t have time to watch the Livestream or keep up with the stream of tweets coming out of the event. We’ll share the insights and best practices from keynotes, workshops, and demos.

Register for the Socrata Connect Livestream to watch all the main stage presentations.